Ramen & Noodles

  • Shio ramen ¥850

    Refreshing traditional cucumber and garlic yoghurt dip.

  • Shoyu ramen ¥850

    Pureed eggplant, garlic, green pepper and tomato dip.

  • Tonkotsu ramen ¥850

    Salmon with beetroot confit, horseradish and mandarin sauce.

  • Cold noodle ¥750

    Salmon with beetroot confit, horseradish and mandarin sauce.


  • Plain steamed rice ¥100

    Traditional grilled Cypriot cheese wrapped in bacon.

  • Egg fried rice ¥450

    Shrimp sauteed in an ouzo, cheese and tomato sauce.

  • Tianjin-style Crab Omelet Rice ¥700

    Grilled wild mushrooms with freshly squeezed lemon.


  • Gyoza dumplings (5 pieces) ¥350

    Oven lamb, served with pureed potato and grilled vegetables.

  • Gyoza dumplings (8 pieces) ¥500

    Ginger, onion, cashew nuts in a soy sauce served on rice.

Special Dishes

  • Vegetarian Ramen ¥850

    Fillet of beef, chicken, bamboo, onions & garlic.

  • Shrimp Curry ¥900

    Slightly spicy shrimp and vegetables.

  • Mushroom with Truffle Oil ¥1,250

    With garlic, onion and red wine.

  • Tagliatelle Bon Fillet ¥1,400

    With beetroot confit, horseradish and mandarin sauce

  • Penne Spinach and Sesame ¥1,500

    Onion, garlic, sesame seeds in a fresh cream sauce.

  • Beef in Lemon Sauce ¥1,950

    Beef medallions served with basmati rice.